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Orange Crush / Dark Orange Jelly Belly - 10lbs

Orange Crush / Dark Orange Jelly Belly - 10lbs

Part Number:81105-300198 Price $70.47
Retail Price:$124.50 Savings:$54.03(43%)
Make a Wish Upon an Orange! Orange Crush Jelly Bellys are a great way to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and more. This display candy taste just like the soda kids love, except of course without the fizz. The Orange Crush flavor will bring you more business and higher profits. Offer orange jelly beans at Halloween, when everyone is looking for a new and different twist on orange and black items. No tricking, treat your business with the purchase of Orange colored Candy today.

Approximately 25 jelly belly in 1 ounce & approximately 400 jelly belly in 1 pound

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