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Orange Rock Candy Crystals - 5lbs

Orange Rock Candy Crystals - 5lbs

Part Number:82403-30722 Price $31.27
  • Decorate Drinks
  • Versatile Candy
Orange Rock Candy Crystals are a very fun way to enjoy your rock candy. Rock candy is made from a mix of hot water and cane sugar and is the purest form of sugar you can get due to the fact that impurities don't form in the crystals. These loose crystals are orange flavored and colored which makes them perfect for decorating freshly baked cakes, cupcakes, cookies, just as a beginning. Design fun drinks and line the glass with these crystals and fill with colorful beverages. Make decorative favors or centerpiece items for your wedding or other events. We also offer this orange candy in a ten-pound option. Order yours today!

  • 5 Pounds
  • Orange Flavor And Color
  • Loose Rock Candy Pieces

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