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Orbits Wintermint Sugar-Free Gum - 12ct

Orbits Wintermint Sugar-Free Gum - 12ct

Part Number:82403-6598 Price $21.48
Retail Price:$23.00 Savings:$1.52(7%)
  • Popular Party Favor
  • Ideal Impulse Candy
Orbits Wintermint Sugar-Free Gum will make you feel like you just brushed your teeth after chewing this gum. Orbits is the only gum that is recommended by most dentist groups. Sugar free gum is ideal for those who are unable to consume sugar and those just wanting to monitor their consumption. Take care of your teeth better. Purchase your Wrigley's Orbits today!

  • 12 count
  • 14 sticks per pack
  • Wintermint Flavored
  • Sugar Free Gum

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