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PEZ Rack with 12 PEZ Blister Packs
PEZ Rack with 12 PEZ Blister Packs

PEZ Rack with 12 PEZ Blister Packs

Part Number:81105-103684 Price $426.56
This PEZ Rack with PEZ Blister Packs is a wonderful display setup for your shop. Each candy rack has twenty-four hooks built on it which will allow you to showcase 144 blister packs of your choosing. Since this rack stands tall and slim you can place it in a small floor space area and create a major sales impact. You will have lots of vertical area to display a large variety of PEZ dispensers and allow customers to shop with ease on this retail display rack. PEZ is the tiny candy that has been a part of our lives and a much-loved treat for about eighty years! . All in all, these are a candy that you want to be sure to keep fully stocked! Includes twelve varieties of blister packs! Place your order today! 

  • Dimensions: 13.5" W x 62.5" H x 13.5" D
  • Free Standing Metal Display
  • Includes 24 Hooks
  • Includes 12 Of The Most Popular Pez Blister Packs: A Total of 144 PEZ Dispensers
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