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PEZ Refill Blister 8 Pack - 24ct
PEZ Refill Blister 8 Pack - 24ct

PEZ Refill Blister 8 Pack - 24ct

Part Number:82403-24134 Price $62.98
This PEZ Refill Blister 8 Pack provides your customers with candy refills when their PEZ dispensers are empty. This eight-pack holds two rolls each of four flavors; cherry, orange, grape, and strawberry. Exhibit these refills along with the sour Pez refills for patrons to have easy shopping. Place with all of the dispensers in stock at your location so whether customers just want the refill or are purchasing them along with the dispensers you can have one-stop shopping. A perfect set up for this is our Pez pack which includes the rack, refills, and dispensers.

Whatever you need for your PEZ displays we are here to assist you, from refills to the candy holders. There is a huge variety of dispensers available at all times so take a look and stock up on all these sweet treats and collectible candy dispensers. Order your refills today!

  • 24 Count - 8 Rolls In Each Pack
  • 2.32 Ounce Package
  • Each Candy Roll Is 0.29 Ounces
  • There Are 12 Pieces Per Candy Roll
  • Assorted Flavors - Two Each Of Orange, Cherry, Grape, and Strawberry

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