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Peanut M&M Candies - 48ct
Peanut M&M Candies - 48ct

Peanut M&M Candies - 48ct

Part Number:82403-39261 Price $94.45
The M&M candy was first created in 1941 but it wasn’t until 1954 that they introduced the Peanut M&M Candies. When they first appeared they were only available in the color tan but now have just as wide a color range as the plain m&m’s. It is rare to find someone who does not have a love for m&m’s and we all tend to have our favorites, peanuts wrapped in milk chocolate and then coated in a candy shell are a little piece of delicious that are on the top of a lot of lists! Make sure to include at least plain m&m’s and peanut m&m’s in your inventory and show off in a prime location of your store. Place these packets of peanut candy in with your candy bar section for best impact. You are sure to love  the peanut candies profits! 
  • 48 Count
  • 1.74 Ounces 

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