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Peeps Sour Watermelon Chicks - 36ct
Peeps Sour Watermelon Chicks - 36ct

Peeps Sour Watermelon Chicks - 36ct

Part Number:82403-34386 Coming February 2022
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Peeps Sour Watermelon Chicks come in a box of ten marshmallow chicks. The interior of each has a pinkish hue while the outside is a bright green color and comes with a wonderful sour watermelon flavor. We all know and love the typical yellow chicks, pink bunnies, and even the hues of the rainbow that are coming along such as blue chicks. Now you can add to your Peeps display in the shop with the sour flavored chicks for the extra special touch. 

Prepare some fantastic easter baskets and include this one of a kind wholesale candy inside. Share as a gift to family, friends, co-workers and the like as a "welcome to spring" gift. There is always the fun of pampering yourself and sitting down to enjoy TV with these delectable and tangy marshmallows. There is a long history of Easter and peeps so make sure to keep that memory making fun going by including peeps in every Easter gift and basket that you design and share. Order yours peeps today!

  • 36 Count
  • 3 Ounces Each
  • 10 Chicks Per Pack
  • Green Colored Sugar
  • Pinkish Center
  • Sour Watermelon Flavored