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Poppers Starter Kit - 4 oz
Poppers Starter Kit - 4 oz

Poppers Starter Kit - 4 oz

Part Number:81204-45004 Price $48.76
The Popcorn Starter Kit (for 4oz. machines) comes with everything you need to have fresh “from the theater popcorn.” Have guests lining up for the best popcorn around, yours! With this popcorn supply kit you’ll have no mess, no fuss or guesswork, simply pour your machine popcorn into your popper and let it “POP”! Scoop it, season it and hand bags of popcorn to your delighted customers. With a swift click, you can have the popcorn supplies to bring in higher sales, profits and put a smile on everyone’s faces. 

 Starter Kit Includes:
  • Popcorn corn
  • Popcorn butter
  • Popcorn seasoning salt
  • Popcorn oil
  • Popcorn bags
  • 1 - Plastic scoop
  • 1 - Corn measure
  • 1 - Oil measure

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