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Popz Popcorn - 4.12oz Tubs - 36ct

Popz Popcorn - 4.12oz Tubs - 36ct

Part Number:82913-6826 Price $97.89
  • Fun To Pop
  • Deliciously Tasty
Popz Popcorn Tubs are a great addition for any snack bar, convenience store, concession stands or adding to your microwaves at home. These 4.12 ounce movie theater style containers are one of our all-time favorite snack foods. Carefully place a tub filled with the uncooked kernels into the microwave and while cooking, wait only a few short minutes and you will have handfuls of a light and tasty snack treat. This fluffy product is a tasty treat for all ages and has never tasted so good. Ordering is easy just add to your online shopping cart today!

  • 36 - 4.12oz tubs per carton
  • Popz Premium Microwave Popcorn 
  • Convenient 4.12oz. Theatre Style Tub
  • Virtually Eliminates Any Unpopped Kernels
  • Fun To Pop

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