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Puchao Cola Stick - 10ct
Puchao Cola Stick - 10ct

Puchao Cola Stick - 10ct

Part Number:82403-39740 Price $23.78
Cola flavored candies and treats are a very popular flavor and this Puchao Cola Stick is sure to be an addition to that. The stick holds ten pieces which are individually wrapped. Soft, about the size of a piece of bubble gum, with little gummy balls and little pieces of fizz. We also have these in a peg bag mixed with ramune soda flavored pieces as well. Show off these popular Japanese candies in your international section as well as a great choice for impulse purchases near the register. Customers are sure to come back when you carry the harder to find candies so order this wholesale candy today!

  • 10 Count
  • 1.76 Ounces Each
  • 10 Individually Wrapped Pieces Per Stick
  • Great Cola Flavor
  • Chewy Candy With Gummy Balls And Fizzy Tablets In Center For Fun Texture

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