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Pucker Powder 3x2 - 6 Flavor Unit
Pucker Powder 3x2 - 6 Flavor Unit

Pucker Powder 3x2 - 6 Flavor Unit

Part Number:82403-29702 Price $1,078.00
Choose Flavors
Sweet Banana Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sweet Birthday Cake Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sweet Blue Bubblegum Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sweet Chocolate Pucker Powder - 9oz [+$9.58]
Sweet Cotton Candy Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sweet Pina Colada Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sweet Root Beer Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sweet Strawberry Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sweet Tropical Fruit Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sour Blue Raspberry Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sour Fruit Punch Pucker Powder- 9oz [+$9.58]
Sour Grape Pucker Powder- 9oz [+$9.58]
Sour Green Apple Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sour Lemonade Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sour Orange Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sour Peach Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sour Pink Lemonade Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sour Watermelon Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sour White Apple Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Sour Wild Cherry Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$9.58]
Price of the display does NOT include candy

Customers love the fun of being able to create their own flavored sugar tube mixes. This Pucker Powder 3x2 Flavor Unit gives you six flavors to choose from! You can expand these units by adding new sections of three powder dispensers. You are only able to use the nine-ounce pucker powder bottles with this distributor unit and each one includes tube holders, and you can add more powder tubes in 6 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch and 34 inch choices. Set up this fun pucker powder unit today and you will have customers running back for more. Order today!

Please allow 2 weeks lead time for production

  • 12"W x 24"H x 10"D
  • 20lbs
  • Fits 36"W and 48"W x 10"D Gondola Shelving
  • Expandable in multiples of three flavors
  • Fits existing slatwall, pegboard and gondola shelving
  • Easy replacement of candy 
  • Lightweight durable steel construction
  • Includes tube holders
  • Hanging easy bracket included
  • Standard blue graphics included
  • Uses 9oz Pucker Powder® candy bottles Only
  • Pucker Powder is optional with this display

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