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Pucker Powder Gum Tubes
Pucker Powder Gum Tubes

Pucker Powder Gum Tubes

Part Number:82403-40799 Price $13.40
Pucker Powder Gum Tubes are a great sour treat for gum lovers. Gum tubes are filled with pucker powder so that each bite you take and chew has a great impact of sour that hits your tongue. Three flavors are available in the long, thin tubes; sour blue raspberry, sour green apple, and sour watermelon. For anyone who really wants a large sour blast, just bite the end off the tube and empty the contents into your mouth and then finish the gum after. The tall display box is brightly decorated and each tube wrapper showcases fun cartoon faces. Sure to be noticed, place the wholesale candy in a high traffic area of your shop for great sales. Order yours today!

  • 30 Tubes
  • 0.78 Ounces
  • Gum Tube Filled With Pucker Powder
  • Three Flavors: Sour Blue Raspberry, Sour Green Apple, and Sour Watermelon

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