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Rainbow Unicorn Pop - 12" - 72ct
Rainbow Unicorn Pop - 12' - 72ct

Rainbow Unicorn Pop - 12" - 72ct

Part Number:81105-102536 Price $300.77

Rainbows and magic are such a part of the imagination and fun of childhood. Here is a 12 inch Rainbow Unicorn Pop to feed that sweet tooth as well as the fun of being a kid. The length includes the stick and as well as that delicious spiraled lollipop. Order yours today!

  • 72 count
  • 12" size
  • Net weight 1 ounce each

DISCLAIMER: Dueto the fragile nature of this product and delivery circumstancesoutside of our control, we will not guarantee that lollipops will arriveunbroken. The shipping process can often cause some or many lollipopsto break. We package them as carefully as possible to prevent breaking,but we will not be held responsible for any broken lollipops regardlessof how many are broken. Please be aware of this policy before placing anorder. Thanks for understanding!

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