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Raindrops® Candy Merchandising Kit
Raindrops® Candy Merchandising Kit

Raindrops® Candy Merchandising Kit

Part Number:81105-103795 Price $2,494.83
This complete Raindrops® Candy Merchandising Kit comes with everything you need to increase impulse sales. A bright red display filled with today's most popular and unique gummi candies. Recieve two boxes each of a wide variety, sizes, and flavors of gummi candy, there's sure to be something for everyone in this candy display. Order today.

This kit includes a rack and 2 displays(48 Boxes Total) of the following items:
  • Gummy Sushi
  • Gummy Pizza
  • Gummy Taco
  • Gummy Noodles
  • Gummy Donut
  • Gummy Hamburger
  • Gummy Fries
  • Gummy Mix Shake
  • Candy Foam
  • Trolls Wax
  • Magic Potion
  • Graffiti Splash
  • Candy Looping
  • Candy Shots
  • Gummy Crazy Eyes
  • Ice Cream Candy Pop
  • Electro Fusion
  • Crunchy Chewies Strawberry
  • Crunchy Chewies Apple
  • Crunchy Chewies Bubble Gum
  • Gummy Sushi Mini
  • Gummy Taco Mini
  • Gummy Noodles Mini
  • Gummy Pizza Mini

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