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Real Eggshell Chocolate Truffle  - 12ct
Real Eggshell Chocolate Truffle - 12ct

Real Eggshell Chocolate Truffle - 12ct

Part Number:82403-30179 Coming February 2021
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Looking for a unique yet tasty treat to add to your holiday this year? Come and check out the surprisingly fun filled Easter Egg. Our Real Eggshell with Chocolate Truffles are one of the most unique sweets you will ever see. A delicious individually wrapped hollow designer egg filled with scrumptious soft and creamy chocolate truffles included inside a real egg shell that is representing a colored or dyed Easter egg. All you do is just crack, peel, and enjoy the edible product. What an exquisite gift basket addition or party favor idea for the upcoming Easter holiday. Each of these hollow chocolate shells are cleaned out and then filled from one tiny hole with that wonderful gourmet sweet treat. Once that is done a stunning decorative design is created on the shell. Give this beautiful, and one of a kind filled egg shell with chocolate truffles as a gift or save it for yourself and savor the flavor. Plan your gift baskets ahead of time and order this creative and tasty Easter eggs today!

  • 12 Count
  • 1.75 Ounces Each
  • Real Shaped Eggshells Filled With Chocolate Truffles
  • Wrapped Eggs May Vary In Design and Color

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