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Reeds Peppermint Candy Roll - 24ct
Reeds Peppermint Candy Roll - 24ct

Reeds Peppermint Candy Roll - 24ct

Part Number:81105-103245 Price $35.10
  • Ideal Impulse Candy
  • Add To Retro Parties
Freshen your mouth with one of our classic Reeds Peppermint Candy Rolls! These peppermint flavored hard candies measure just under an inch in diameter. Get seven wrapped tasty morsels inside each serving. Our Reeds candy roll measures approximately 3.25" long, perfect for adding to treat bags, your shirt pocket or purse plus more. Savor the flavor of these nostalgic treats that are using the same formula from back in 1893. Create fond memories in your near future. Spruce up your candy section by adding these refreshing, old-fashioned wholesale candies by ordering yours today and save!

  • 24 Count
  • 1.01 Ounces Each
  • Each Roll Measures 3 1/4" Long
  • Iconic Candy Brand
  • 7 Individually Wrapped Pieces Of Disk Shaped Candy
  • Each Piece Is Just Under An Inch In Diameter
  • The Same Formula Going Back To 1893

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