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Revolving Pole Rack w/14 Peck Baskets

Revolving Pole Rack w/14 Peck Baskets

Part Number:83003-7794 Price $385.28
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Boost sales with this natural appealing Revolving Pole Rack w/14 Peck Baskets! This wooden floor rack creates an instantly warm country charm while drawing attention to your products. The wooden baskets are free from moisture so display a wide range of snacking fruits, impulse candy, and cookies plus more various products. Offering easy access of products for your customers creates convenience with this spinning floor display. Buy yours now!

  • Overall Dimensions: 71.5"H x 26"D x 26"W
  • Peck Basket Dimensions: 10.5" x 7.5"
  • Stain Color Options Available
  • Easy Access For Customers
  • Versatility Display
  • Appealing To Customers

Please Allow 1 - 3 Weeks Lead Time. No Rush Orders.

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