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Rolo Bar - 36ct
Rolo Bar - 36ct

Rolo Bar - 36ct

Part Number:82403-ROLO Price $79.71
Rolo bars, which is named for its rolled style container, is actually a row of bite sized, chocolate coated caramels. They have a shape that tends to remind you of a lampshade but sure don’t taste like one! Just one of these packages is a serving size containing seven of these wonderful little caramel candies. Sure to be a top seller you can place the carton near the exit for impulse buys or in with the other chocolate goodies. Customers will search them out wherever they are. Great for decorating cakes and baking into cookies and such these chocolate bars are the perfect treat! Make sure and order lots today.

  • 36 Rolls
  • 1.7 Ounces Each
  • Milk Chocolate Coating Caramel Center
  • Gluten Free

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