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Shaped Candy


Candy of all shapes and sizes! Our Shaped Candy line provides a simple way to cater to fun in your store. Candy shops, convenience stores, grocery stores, and POP displays in other retail locations will love the attention that these shaped candies bring.

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Chocolate Band-Aids  - 12ct
Average Rating(2)
Flamingo Pool Party Tins
Gold Mine Gum - 24ct
Gummi Pet Rat  - 12ct
Gummi Sour Burgers  - 60ct
Average Rating(2)
Gummy Teeth - 6.6lbs
Licorice Cats - 6.6lbs
Average Rating(2)
Mini Burgers - 60ct
Average Rating(1)
Sour Gummy Octopus - 6.6lbs
Average Rating(1)
Wax Bottles 8 Pack  - 12ct
Average Rating(2)
Wax Lips - 24ct
Wax Mustache - 24ct