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Shopkins PEZ Blister Packs - 12ct
Shopkins PEZ Blister Packs - 12ct

Shopkins PEZ Blister Packs - 12ct

Part Number:82403-39018 Price $23.90
Shopkins PEZ Blister Packs deliver some of the most adorable candy dispensers you can find. Each of the packs holds a single dispenser that features Shopkins characters like kooky cookie, strawberry kiss, or apple blossom. Tucked in next to that candy holder you find three refill candy rolls. For PEZ dispenser collectors and Shopkins fans alike there is going to be customers coming back to make sure they collect them all. Place in a high traffic aisle for easy viewing as well as near the check out for impulse purposes. Be sure to order yours today!

  • 12 Count
  • 0.87 Ounces Each
  • Each Blister Pack Has 1 Dispenser And 3 PEZ Candy Rolls
  • There Are 12 Pieces Per Candy Roll
  • Assorted Flavors
  • Blister Packs Are Designed For Use On Display Hooks
  • Assortment Includes Ultra-Rare Kooky Cookie, Seldom Seen Strawberry Kiss, and Adorable Apple Blossom

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