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Single Color Sixlets - Navy Blue - 12lbs

Single Color Sixlets - Navy Blue - 12lbs

Part Number:81105-400467 Price $59.86
Retail Price:$84.30 Savings:$24.44(29%)
Navy Blue Sixlets are particularly lovely when displayed in candy jars and containers. Make a show in your business and let the dark blue Sixlet lead the way. Dark in color it has a sweet chocolate candy center. Customers love the taste of Sixlets candy and will be buying it by the boat load. You can be prepared with plenty of product when you purchase wholesale candy. Custom color candy is popular among people who are shopping for weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations. Have a yogurt shop or ice cream store? This colored candy makes a wonderful addition as an ice cream topping. Start your candy fleet today!

  • About 450 pieces per pound
  • Candy Diameter: 3/8 Inch

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