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Single Eyewear Easel - 1 Pair - 4ct
Single Eyewear Easel - 1 Pair - 4ct

Single Eyewear Easel - 1 Pair - 4ct

Part Number:82903-55203 Price $51.50
This Single Eyewear Easel will contain one pair of eye frames, perfect for highlighting a new modern design for eye accessories. Constructed of high quality and durable clear acrylic, this display stand can be added to your cash registers, service counters and more in hopes your patrons will purchase eye accessories on a whim. This retail acrylic display is approximately three inches tall and perfect for prescription lenses, sunglasses, goggles, and other various specs. Places eyeglass frame fixtures throughout your facility. In an optometrist office, this is the ideal and convenient way to highlight your best selling frames and new arrivals and not take up much display space at your receptionist's counter. Add a little style to your store. Order your single holding eyeglass acrylic display stand today!

  • 1 Count
  • Overall Dimensions: 3" H
  • Constructed Of High-Quality Durable Clear Acrylic
  • Perfect For Sunglasses, Prescription Glasses, Readers and More
  • Showcase A Single Pair Of Eye Frames Anywhere Throughout Your Retail Facility

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