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Small Chocolate Reindeer - 9ct
Small Chocolate Reindeer - 9ct

Small Chocolate Reindeer - 9ct

Part Number:82403-37979 Coming October 2021
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Small Chocolate Reindeer candies are 1.9 ounces each and are beautiful in the color wrappers that shimmer and shine. Red, green, and blue foil wraps cover swiss milk chocolate reindeer shaped Christmas candies. Each deer has a name, a mix of Reni, Runi, and Roni and they all make great decorations. The Christmas chocolate is also a fun addition to stockings, added touch to gifts when attached to the outside, and they look wonderful in the store and at events. Decorate with a holiday candy that is also pleasing to the eyes. Order yours today!

  • 9 Reindeer
  • 1.9 Ounces Each
  • Reindeer Shaped Milk Chocolates
  • Swiss Chocolate
  • Shimmering Colored Wrappers
  • Colors Are Green, Red, and Blue
  • Each Has a Name Reni, Runi, and Roni