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Sno-Kone Heavy Duty Paper Cups
Sno-Kone Heavy Duty Paper Cups

Sno-Kone Heavy Duty Paper Cups

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Sno-Kone Heavy Duty Paper Cups make it a breeze for you to dish up one of the top treats of summer. Sno-kones are a wonderful item to consume on hot days, the ice cools customers off with each bite and the syrups give them the opportunity to choose the perfect flavor to enjoy. Each of these paper cone shaped cups is made from extra-heavy thick paper with "dry wax" to keep the ice and syrup from soaking through and create wet hands. Six ounces each and sturdy enough to last the entire serving, these are a must-have for your sno-kone stand. Concession stands set up at fairs, festivals, parties, beachside snack bars, and other events bring fun to the celebration. Keep the cups on the side of your ice machine or stack near your syrups for a quick and delicious shaved ice dessert. Choose from the 1000 case size or 5000 cups case size to best meet your needs. Stock up on all your supplies and remember that these heavy-duty cups are imprinted with an instantly recognizable logo and shape which is sure to bring the happy customers purchasing. Bring smiles to patrons this summer with your delicious frozen treats. Order your cups today!

  • 6 Ounce Sno-Kone® Cups
  • Dimensions: 3.5"W x 4.5"H x 3.5"L
  • Made from extra-heavy "dry wax" thick paper
  • Strong enough to last the entire serving
  • Optional Case Size: 1000 individual cups or 5000 individual cups

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