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Sour Big Chewy Nerds Theater Boxes
Sour Big Chewy Nerds Theater Boxes

Sour Big Chewy Nerds Theater Boxes

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Sour Big Chewy Nerds Theater Boxes take your traditional nerds and amp them up a notch. Chewy fruit flavored centers are surrounded by the well-known nerds sweet shell for a crunch, the two flavors sensations combine for a great sour impact. Each theater box holds 4.25 ounces of the colorful candies which come in several flavors; blue raspberry, streaming strawberry lemonade, wiki watermelon, and blood orange byte. The outside of the wholesale candy box features a brightly decorated upclose view of the "nerd" character we are used to seeing on all their boxes. Line up on your candy racks with all the sour, tangy candies or along side the smaller boxes of the original nerds candies for great sales. Order yours today!

  • 12 Boxes
  • 4.25 Ounces Each
  • New Take On A Classic
  • Sour and Chewy
  • Theater Box
  • Giant Size Candies
  • Bold Flavors
  • Nerds Candy Shell With Chewy Candy Center
  • Flavor Combos Include Blue Raspberry, Streaming Strawberry Lemonade, Wiki Watermelon, and Blood Orange Byte