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Sour Blast Candy Spray  - 12ct

Sour Blast Candy Spray - 12ct

Part Number:82403-30829 Price $19.00
  • Fun Spray Candy Bottle
  • Shaped Like Grenade 
This display of Sour Blast Candy Sprays takes sour candy to a new level. There is nothing boring here! Each container is shaped to look like a grenade in an assortment of colors and flavors. Put this box out in your shop and you are going to see them explode off the shelves faster than you can replace them. With a simple spray into your mouth, you get a blast of sour candy spray. Want it stronger? Keep on spraying a few times until you get the right amount of pucker power. Order yours today!

  • 12 Count
  • 2.01 Ounces Each
  • Dimensions: 3.5 Inches
  • Flavors include: Blue Raspberry Shock, Grape Burst, Strawberry Awe

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