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Sour Brite Dip'N Crawlers - 12ct
Sour Brite Dip'N Crawlers - 12ct

Sour Brite Dip'N Crawlers - 12ct

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  • Bright, Colorful And Loaded With Flavor
  • Choose Your Level Of Sour

Sour Brite Dip'N Crawlers are as fun as they are tangy. Each pack holds around a dozen gummy worms in flavor combos such as cherry/lemon, strawberry/grape and lime/orange which are then dipped into the blue sour sugar till you reach your perfect sour level. Perfect for an after-school snack, part of birthday party goody bags and the perfect fun candy to place in your high traffic area for lots of purchases. There is nothing quite as fun as being able to personalize your candy experience. For those who love all the pucker power, they can get there is lots of sour blue sugar to dip in. If you are someone who just likes a touch of sour then add just a touch for the perfect snack. Order yours today!

  • 12 Count
  • 1.9 Ounces Each
  • Each Pack Includes Sour Gummy Worms And Sour Powder For Dipping
  • Approximately 12 Gummy Worms In Each Pack
  • Worm Flavors Include: 
    • Cherry/Lemon, Strawberry/Grape, And Lime/Orange 

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