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Sour Dipping Ring - 8ct
Sour Dipping Ring - 8ct

Sour Dipping Ring - 8ct

Part Number:82403-38989 Price $16.66
  • Sweet And Sour Lollipop Ring
  • Wonderful For Party Gift Bags
Sour Dipping Rings are fun, sour, and delicious. Each 0.88-ounce container holds a sweet watermelon candy lollipop ring along with a well filled with sour blue raspberry powder. Lick the pop, dip into the powder and have one powerhouse reaction in your mouth! Stock up your store with this amazing super sour sucker. Fill up the sour section of your shop, place in your check out area for an impulse purchase and be sure to include in your suckers section as well. Imagine the fun that kids will have at birthday parties when you give out this wholesale candy for them to lick and dip. Order yours today!

  • 8 Count
  • 0.88 Ounces Each
  • Watermelon Sweet Candy Ring
  • Blue Raspberry Sour Dipping Powder

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