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Sour Lemon Candy Roll - 24ct
Sour Lemon Candy Roll - 24ct

Sour Lemon Candy Roll - 24ct

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Stepback in time and pucker up with enjoyment as you eat our Sour LemonCandy Roll! Each 1.01 ounce candy stick includes seven pieces of hard,disk shaped candy that are individually wrapped. Perfect for opening andsharing with a friend. Our sour tart candy is perfect for including inyour candy collection at checkout lines, service areas, or simply addingto the office sweet treat boxes. Each roll is just over three incheslong and the single pieces are slightly under an inch in diameter. Thesenostalgic treats have been made from the same formula used back in1953, customers will be coming back for more over and over again. Timeto save yourself precious time. Come and get your yellowed colored candyfrom us today! If lemon is not your favorite, try our Sour Cherry Candy Roll.

  • 24 Count
  • 1.01 Ounces
  • Rolls Are 3.25" Long
  • Lemon Flavored Candy
  • Iconic Brand Candy 
  • 7 Individually Wrapped Pieces Of Candy
  • Pieces Are Just Under An Inch In Diameter
  • The Same Formula Going Back To 1953