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Sour Peach Fruit Slices - 5lbs
Sour Peach Fruit Slices - 5lbs

Sour Peach Fruit Slices - 5lbs

Part Number:82403-21 Price $32.47
Sour Peach Fruit Slices are a tasty addition to your candy shop. Like all fruit slices, these are designed to look like someone just sliced into a piece of fruit. Each slice has a soft center with slightly harder edges or rind and great flavor! Sugar coated with a wonderful peach flavor is sure to make this a top favorite candy to add to your list of those you can't get enough of these popular bulk candies. This peach candy is a mix of sour and sweet with each bite delivering a power punch of sour tang that your tongue will love. Five pounds of these sour candies is a must-have inclusion to your candy shops bulk section. Order yours today!

  • 5 Pounds
  • Sour Peach Flavored Fruit Slices
  • Approximately 18 Pieces Per Pound

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