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Sour Punch 3" Twists - 25lbs
Sour Punch 3' Twists - 25lbs

Sour Punch 3" Twists - 25lbs

Part Number:81105-103117 Price $157.95
Sour Punch 3" Twists are a bright, colorful, and tangy mix of licorice for your candy shop or other stores. With an assortment of four fruit flavors and colors, this is not only an outstanding wrapped candy in the taste department, it's also attractive to the eyes. So load up your bulk candy bins to draw in customers. If you love sour candies these mini sour punch straws are going to be an item you need to try. Since they are individually wrapped for freshness you can easily include them in lunches, candy buffets, birthday party treat bags to send home with each guest and so many other fun ways to share and enjoy. Truly a perfect snack item that can be carried in your purse, bag, or in your desk at work and drawers at home while staying fresh and delicious. Stock up your shop with this tangy bulk candy item that comes in blue raspberry, strawberry, apple, and cherry flavors with a sour kick for your taste buds with each and every bite. Order yours today!

  • 25 Pounds
  • 3 Inch Long 
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Flavors: Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, And Strawberry

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