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Spaced Out Candy Mix - 12lbs
Spaced Out Candy Mix - 12lbs

Spaced Out Candy Mix - 12lbs

Part Number:82403-34677 Price $77.73
Spaced Out Candy Mix is a fun candy treat that not only tastes delicious and yummy but the design is unique and colorful. Instead of little green men, you will see lots of purples, blue, gray and other colors in the form of spaceships, UFOs, alien faces among other fun space shaped creations. What an incredibly fun addition to birthday parties! For those who love their X-files or other space fans, you can really go all out and celebrate with this bulk candy. Use for a gift or favor container to send home with guests, place out on the dessert table for a great snack and of course, you can decorate your cake and include these shaped candies as a garnish to really take that baked good over the top. There are lots of themes for weddings these days so again if you are someone who just loves anything to do with spacemen you can have a blast with this spaced out candy mix. 

Imagine how fun and visually appealing this bulk pressed sugar candy will look in your candy shop! The colors in this mix are very bright and vivid as well as some more submit ones like gray. It really is a great combination for showcasing as well as for sharing for celebrations. 

  • 12 Pounds
  • Approximately 440 pieces per pound
  • Pressed Dextrose Candy
  • Shaped Like Alien Faces & Spaceships
  • In Shades Of Blue, Purple, White, Gray And More

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