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Square Acrylic Display Bin - 8 Inch
Square Acrylic Display Bin - 8 Inch

Square Acrylic Display Bin - 8 Inch

Part Number:82913-4547 Price $40.20
Open counter tops are a gold mine for product placement, especially in strategic spots like near the register. This 8” Square Acrylic Display Bin is a wonderful choice for your counter tops, shelves or other smaller nooks you want to utilize for merchandise. Fill this acrylic cube full of colorful items to draw attention, such as wrapped candies, make up pencils, jewelry items and so on. Customers will be drawn to come closer and see for themselves. You can also purchase the 4 inch and 6 inch clear acrylic cube to display throughout your store or together with this 8 inch cube for a fun look. Make sure you order yours today! 

  • Overall Dimensions: 8"W x 8"H x 8"D
  • Constructed Of Durable Acrylic Materials
  • Acrylic Thickness: 3mm
  • Unique Style Display
  • No Blocking Of Products  
  • Perfect Fit For Small Spaces
  • The Ideal Display Bin or Flip Over And Use As A Riser

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