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Stackable Candy Bin - 2ct

Stackable Candy Bin - 2ct

Part Number:82607-9149 Price $203.50
1 - 3
4 - 10
  • Price includes 2 units that stack together!
  • Scoop Included
With these stackable candy bins the sky is the limit. These sturdy acrylic bins will let you soar through the roof. Customers will be in candy paradise when they see all the stacks of sweets on display. Let them see it all with the clear candy bins. With the handy scoop you and your customers can get to all the candies with ease and meets health department health code.
Even if you don't have a lot of space when you stack these display bins on your counter top you can still have a wonderful selection to choose from. Go ahead and touch the sky and watch the profits float in. Purchase today!
  • (2) Stackable Candy Bin 9"w X 10"h X 14" d
  • This bin uses a tongue and groove locking system that holds them securely in place.
  • Scoop And Tether Included
  • American made

When someone is opening a candy store or putting together convenience store displays, they will need a wide variety of display cases to showcase their products. There are many options to choose from, but stackable containers certainly need to be high on the list of priorities when it comes to product display supplies. These versatile containers can not only save a great deal of space, but they are also great at helping to boost sales.

Of course, the main reason that store owners include stackable containers in their displays is that they are an excellent way to conserve space. By having the display grow in a vertical direction rather than horizontal, several feet of counter space are available for other candy display racks or presentations. They can also help to increase sales when placed by the cash register because customers will not be able to resist the suggested impulse purchases.

Some shop owners may think that there are not stackable containers available for the products they want to sell, but that is not true. Oblong containers are a great way to show off even the bulkiest or most strangely shaped items. They are able to not only be used as a candy display but are also a great way to showcase anything from small toys to cosmetics.

If space is an issue, even with displays going up instead of across, then mini stackable containers might be an excellent solution. Although they are small, each of these bins can hold between four and six pounds of candy. They are also a great option for an ice cream parlor that needs to hold a variety of toppings in a small space.

If a shop owner is looking for a display that will really catch the attention of their customers, they should try a hexagonal product display. The shape makes it easy for these bins to hold a variety of different products, and the mouth is nice and wide for easy access. The shape is unusual for a product display, so it will certainly catch the eye of everyone who walks past it.

There are many shops in which space is an issue, and that is why so many store owners choose to use stackable containers in their displays. They help in conserving space, so the shop is able to display even more product in a small space. When they are placed next to the cash register, they can suggest impulse items and cause a huge increase in sales. 

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