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Stackable Pivot Bins - Medium
Stackable Pivot Bins - Medium

Stackable Pivot Bins - Medium

Part Number:82001-PVB12 Price $233.48
1 - 9
10 - 24
25 - 99
100 - 174
These Medium Stackable Pivot Bins will have your customers staring! They won’t wait long to purchase products from this fun to open stacking acrylic bin. The pull open door allows them to get to your good stuff swiftly and easily. Customers like organization and convenience and this acrylic container does both. This pivot bin makes a great addition to a candy store display or just to display smaller items on your counter. The quality of this bin is worth the money in the initial investment Unlock higher sales and profits with your purchase of a stackable pivot bin.

Please Allow 3 - 6 Weeks Lead Time 
This is a Custom Product and Non-returnable
    • 1 Count Display
    • Overall Dimensions: 12" H x 12" W x 10" D
    • Constructed Of Clear Acrylic Materials
    • Includes An Easy-Grip Handle
    • Hinged Lid For Easy Access
    • Unique Design For A Unique Display
    • Overall View Of Materials Invites Customers To Take A Peek

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