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Starbursts Gummi Sour - 15ct
Starbursts Gummi Sour - 15ct

Starbursts Gummi Sour - 15ct

Part Number:82403-35315 Price $44.30
  • Sugar Dusted Sour Candies
  • 3.5 Ounce Share Sized Bags
Starbursts Gummi Sour candies are a fun form of starbursts that are not only gummy but are sour as well. We offer the gummy starbursts as well so you can really make those candy racks in your store burst with delicious new flavors and candies in gummy form. Exhibit this display box near your registers for a fantastic impulse purchase as well as stocking in your gummy and chewy candy areas. Customers are likely to be intrigued with the newer version of the traditional candy. Each of these gummies is the familiar square look of the regular Starbursts chewy candies but as you bite into the gummy, sour treat your tongue will tell you that these are not just the same wholesale candies. Each of these share sized bags is a great snack size to send in lunch boxes, take on road trips, include in picnics and so many other times that you want an easy to reach, quick snack. Make sure to order yours today!

  • 15 Count
  • 3.5 Ounces
  • Sour Flavors: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, And Strawberry
  • Share Size Baggie

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