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Starlight Spearmint Mints - 27lbs

Starlight Spearmint Mints - 27lbs

Part Number:81105-102256W Price $71.83
  • Ideal for Restaurant Candy Dishes
  • Old-Fashioned Bulk Mints
Starlight Spearmint Mints are one of the original classic hard candies we all remember as a kid. Ask grandpa for a piece of candy and this is what he grabbed out of his pocket. Buy in bulk and keep the memories going with this delicious spearmint flavored candy. Individually wrapped and easy for sharing. Ideal for weddings, in candy dishes and more. Incorporate these delicious round disk shaped candies into a country store atmosphere with one of our Short 6 Basket Wicker Displays. Order yours today.

  • 27 pounds
  • Round Disk Shaped
  • Individually Wrapped Hard Candy
  • Approx 85 pieces per pound
  • Spearmint Flavor

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