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Create your own inviting and unique setting for your new candy store using Candy Concepts Inc merchandise. Below you'll find several different ways to showcase YOUR products with OUR products. Discover store ideas for displays, containers and fixtures and open a new store today! Need Candy Display Ideas? Many of our products can be used virtually anywhere in any type of business. These store images exhibit how the candy bins, candy racks and other store fixtures look when placed in a retail setting. Get new and exciting ideas for store fixtures! 

Photo Courtesy of CandyTime Shoppe and Novelties
Premium Candy Display Rack Visi-Bins Slatwall Containers - Filled Lollipop Trees - Scoop Bins - Wooden Baskets With Handles - Wood Barrels - Wooden Basket Racks - Wire Racks - Candy

Old Fashioned Glass Penny Candy JarsCandy Jars Filled With Chocolate
Old Fashioned Glass Penny Candy Jars grace the shelves at Middlebury Sweets
Photos by B. Jenne - Owner
Middlebury Sweets, Middlebury, VT.

Glass Candy Jars and Plastic Containers
Plastic Containers and Glass Candy Jars makes products stand out!
Photos by B. Jenne - Owner
Middlebury Sweets, Middlebury, VT.

Lulu's Candy Jar - Candy Concepts Inc
Gorgeous Acrylic Slatwall Bins grace Lulu's Candy Jar, Cleveland, OH.  (Photos by H. Brehmer)
Photo Courtesy of CandyTime Shoppe and Novelties
Candy Display Rack With Bins - Acrylic Candy Towers - Premium Candy Display Rack -  Plastic Slatwall Containers - Colorful Salt Water Taffy

Kids with lollipops and bulk candy
Swizzles knows that the Mega Capacity Lollipop Stand and candy lined up in acrylic bins makes everyone smile!

Photo Courtesy of Memory Lane Candy

Photo Courtesy of The Sweet Tooth Candy Shack 

Photos Courtesy of Nantucket Candy Company

Photos Courtesy of PJ's Distinctive Candies and Chocolates (this candy store is located inside Steadman's Ace Hardware)
Slatwall FixturesVisi-Bins Slatwall Containers , Oval Stainless Steel Tubs

Candy And Yogurt Shop Delights
Lollipop Tree and Candy Filled Round Face Bins Grace Swizzles Frozen Yogurt Shop