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Street Vendor Popcorn Machine- 4 ounce Kettle

Street Vendor Popcorn Machine- 4 ounce Kettle

Part Number:81204-11040 Price $520.00
A popcorn vending machine will send a delicious vibe through the crowd of people bringing them to purchase a bag. The popcorn machine is a wonderful selection to use for any kind of party, concession stands, county fairs, curbside sales, or any other place of interest. These popcorn poppers create a fun and friendly environment. This commercial popcorn machine is very easy to clean and corrosion resistant. Popcorn is a favorite snack for many people of different ages. Buy your popcorn maker today!

Key Features:
  • 4-ounce kettle
    • These kettle inners are constructed of thick gauge anodized aluminum for maximum performance and easy cleaning.
  • 3-year parts warranty
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Heated warming deck
  • Old-maid drawer for un-popped kernels
  • Stainless Steel food-zone for easy cleaning
  • 20 mil anodized non-stick kettles
  • Tempered glass panels
  • Product Dimensions 21"w x 18"d x 34"h
  • 120 Volts, 980 Watts, 8.2 Amps
  • 85 Quarts per hour  
    • Quarts per hour based upon a 40:1 expansion ratio on popcorn.

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