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Sugar-Free Chocolate Pretzel Bites Peg Bag - 12ct

Sugar-Free Chocolate Pretzel Bites Peg Bag - 12ct

Part Number:82403-26434 Price $59.69
Sugar-Free Chocolate Pretzel Bites Peg Bag is the ideal sweet treat that taste great and is sugarless making it a little healthier than other candy. Our pretzel bites come in a 3-ounce resealable peg bag designed to add to hooks on your freestanding display fixtures or you can stand at your checkout lines. Crispy pretzel bites covered in smooth and creamy milk chocolate sweetened with maltitol. Maltitol is an artificial sweetener that is not as sweet as sugar but comes with half the calories. This type of bag makes it easy to eat a few and save the rest for later or share with a friend. Our popular candy is a great addition to gift baskets, break rooms or added to your candy section in your convenience store and more. Check out our other flavors such as mint patties, pecan caramels, raspberry jellies plus so many more. Purchase your sugarless chocolates today while supplies last.

  • 12 Count
  • 3 Ounces Each
  • Resealable Bag
  • Crispy Pretzel Bite Covered In Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate
  • Sweetened With Maltitol
NOTE: Contains Maltitol: Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect

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