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Sugar Free Mini Gummi Worms - 5lbs

Sugar Free Mini Gummi Worms - 5lbs

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  • Great Candy For Diabetics
  • Mini Gummi Candy
2 inch Sugar-Free Mini Gummi Worms are a scrumptious treat that tastes so good you’ll never believe they are sugar-free! Add these gummi candies to the sugar-free section in any candy store and you will be adding smiles to those who are limited on sweets.

Are you someone who likes to keep sweets to a minimum? Here is a Sugar-Free candy, an assortment of wild fruit flavored sugar free gummi worms. Kids will love them as well because the flavor is just the same as the regular gummy worms. You can also take a look at the other sugar free items we offer. Make sure to order today!


  • 5 Pounds
  • About 125 pieces per pound

Please Note: 

  • Color variations occur in manufacturing process. Color may differ from the photo displayed. 
  • Gummi's are Produced in a Plant which Processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soy, Wheat, Milk Products.

Things are moving and shaking in the world of gummy candy, with krunchy gummies bursting onto the scene amidst much fanfare. These gummy bears coated with colorful nonpareils are adorable to look at and fun to eat. They make the perfect addition to a gift basket filled with other gummi candies like gummy red raspberries, gummy worms, and Swedish fish. Any store that wants to make fast profits should add krunch bears to its candy jars. Krunchy gummies come in assorted colors, creating an attractive display. These can be added to candy buffet containers, gravity bins, or fish bowl candy jars- regardless of their container, they will quickly sell. Place them alongside gummy peaches, cherries, and other popular gummy candies so shoppers can sample a wide assortment of chewy cheap bulk candy. The inside of these crunchy treats tastes just as great as the outside. After biting through the crunchy nonpareils, the chewy center is reached. Sour gummies make a nice complement to krunchy gummies because they give the taste buds another awakening. Sour worms and bears have a tart-sweet granular coating that results in the best of both worlds. Tiny sour poppers are tart and chewy, perfect for the shopper who is not yet ready for the big leagues when it comes to sour gummy candy.
Krunchy gummies are perfect toppings for a bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt. Adding these to the ice cream shop topping bar provides a nice alternative to the standard nuts and sprinkles. Kids love gummy bears and they will enjoy topping their sundaes with these crunchy versions. Swedish fish and gummy worms are other wholesale gummy candies that make excellent ice cream toppings. Wholesale candy supplies like these cost less than other toppings and they taste great.
Crunchy gummi candies are taking the market by storm but many establishments have not realized their popularity. Being the first store in the local area to carry these treats ensures some high-volume sales. When a store becomes known for carrying a hard to find item, shoppers often travel long distances and make bulk purchases.
Krunchy gummies have already established themselves in the world of cheap bulk candy. All indicators point to them occupying a permanent position in the bulk candy display. Be smart and purchase at least nine pounds of these with the next order of bulk gummy candies. They may prove to be one of your best sellers.

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