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Sugar-Free Root Beer Barrels - 20lbs

Sugar-Free Root Beer Barrels - 20lbs

Part Number:81105-102283 Price $100.46
Retail Price:$186.60 Savings:$86.14(46%)
  • Lower In Carbs
  • Sugar Free
Sugar-free candies are popular these days not just for diabetics but for those who want to still enjoy their sweets without lots of extra calories. Sugar-Free Root Beer Barrels are a great addition to this line of sugar-free and reduced sugar lines. With the great root beer taste, everyone is used to but with less sugar and calories. Include these wrapped candies in your order and you can have another great sugar free candy for your displays. Place these sugar free barrels in your cart today! 

  • 20 Pounds
  • Sweetened with sucralose

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