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Sugar-Free Tic Tac Watermelon Gum - 12ct

Sugar-Free Tic Tac Watermelon Gum - 12ct

Part Number:82403-40081 Price $19.83
  • Nostalgic Candy With A Twist
  • Ideal Impulse Candy At Checkout Counters
Sugar-Free Tic Tac Watermelon Gum gets more attention with the vibrantly colored display box and packaging. Approximately 56 pieces of watermelon flavored gum are included in each clear box container. Each piece is shaped like the traditional tic tacs and full of sugarless flavor. Packaged in the original flip top containers, the chewing gum flows out with ease. Kids are sure to love a tasty surprise in their snack box or lunch bags. Purchase your impulse candy now!

  • 12 Count
  • 0.95 Ounces
  • Approximately 56 Sugar-Free Pieces
  • Watermelon Flavored Gum
  • Clear Packaging With Traditional Easy-To-Open Flip Top
  • Vibrant Colored Display Box Attracts Attention

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