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Summer Novelties

Fourth Of July Candy and Summer Novelties
Make a splash in your summer with candies that soothe that sweet tooth and treats that satisfy even on the warmest of days! Discover marshmallow ice cream cones, spinning dizzy pops,  yo yo mania bubble gum and so much more when you take a peek at our Summer Candy.  
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Ice Cream Cone Lollipop
Baseball Gumballs - 24ct
Flamingo Pool Party Tins
S'more Bark Tin - 9ct
S'mores Kit - 18ct
Chocolate Rocks - 5lbs
Chocolate Rocks - 30lbs
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Gummy Flamingos Peg Bags
Juicy Drop Pop - 24ct
Push Pop Sliderz - 18ct
Radz Sweet Spinner - 24ct
Bubble Dozer - 12ct
Formula 1 Racers - 12ct
Rescue Cars  - 12ct
Sweet Racer  - 12ct
Happy Van - 12ct
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