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Sunglass Rack Tower - 72
Sunglass Rack Tower - 72

Sunglass Rack Tower - 72

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Place this Sunglass Rack Tower that holds 72 pairs near your entrance for a sure-fire way to grab your customers' attention as they walk in. Standing at just over five feet tall this eyewear display looks great and when you add a mix of glasses to the stand you now have a designer retail stand. Built with two mirrors so that shoppers don't have to wait to check out their appearance as their friend is also peeking in the other mirror. The retail stand rotates which makes shopping a breeze as checking out all the merchandise comes to you with a simple turn. Have a great time lining up a wide range of styles for everyone from kids to adults in lots of colors and shapes. Sunglasses are needed all year long even in places where winter makes you forget the beach, the sun still shines everywhere you drive so be sure to stock up. Reading glasses also fit perfectly onto this revolving eyewear display. Load up with all variations of magnification and be sure to offer neck cord lanyards in your shop as well so shoppers can keep their reading glasses close at all times. Be sure to order your retail sunglass tower today!

  • 1 Count
  • Sunglass Rack
  • 15"L x 15"W x 64"H
  • Base Size: 12-3/4"L x 10"H
  • Silver Metal/Wire/PVC
  • Aluminium Pole
  • Rotates Freely
  • 2 Side Mirrors
  • Top Signholder
  • Holds 72 Pairs
  • Ideal For Advertising Blank Frames, Sunglasses