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Surprise Candy Pals
Surprise Candy Pals

Surprise Candy Pals

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Surprise Candy Pals are fun scented plush animals inside a plastic globe that also hold fruit flavored pressed dextrose candy. A mix of purple or teal globes set out in your display box and the decorative plastic strip around them catching the eye of those who pass by. Collect all the plush animals and enjoy the delicious candy as you go. This is the first series of the pals so keep an eye out for future series. Include these balls of fun in with goody bags from parties and guests go home with a keepsake plush. Order yours today!

  • 12 Balls
  • 0.35 Ounces Each
  • Series One Of Pals
  • Collectible Series
  • Scented Plus Animal In Plastic Globe
  • Includes Fruit Flavored Pressed Dextrose Candy
  • Purple and Teal Globes Attract Attention