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T-Shirt Display Frame For Gridwalls
T-Shirt Display Frame For Gridwalls

T-Shirt Display Frame For Gridwalls

Part Number:82913-1242G Price $27.98
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T-Shirt Display Frame For Grid Walls will protect your garments from day-to-day dust and grime when showcased on your wall in one of these apparel frames. Our clothing component is constructed of a powder coated metal steel frame with a clear acrylic face panel and measures approximately 12-inches by 12-inches. The see-through acrylic panel can be used two ways, you can use as a protector shield or use it as a folding tool by placing the shirt face-side down, add the square piece and fold the garment perfectly around it. This accessory display comes with color options and keeps shirts flat and appearing organized for your customers to view with ease. Allow potential buyers to view all your in-stock souvenir shirts at indoor and outdoor concerts, jersey's at professional sporting events, or popular novelty tees that peek the interest of passerby's and more. Pick one solid color or mix and match the black and white colored frames for an extraordinary appeal patrons will love. Add your shirt protecting pocket to your store today!

  • Overall Dimensions: 12" x 12"
  • Black Metal Frame Construction With Acrylic
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Keeps Apparel Flat & Protects Them
  • Perfect For Grid Panels
  • Color Options Available: Black or White

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