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Tamarindo Soft Candy - 12ct
Tamarindo Soft Candy - 12ct

Tamarindo Soft Candy - 12ct

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Tamarindo Soft Candy brings to you a unique candy and dispenser. Tamarind delivers a truly one of a kind flavor that's a mix of sweet and sometimes sour and tart. This soft, gel candy comes out like spaghetti when you push down on the dispenser. One ounce each these wholesale candies are great for Cinco De Mayo celebrations, birthday party goodies to enjoy there or send home in the gift bag. Tamarind flavored candies aren't a common choice in the states but it's a must try taste. Order yours today!

  • 12 Count
  • 1 Ounce Each
  • Small Plastic Dispensers Hold Gel Tamarind Flavored Candy
  • Push Down On Dispenser For Pasta Like Strings Of Candy
  • Close The Top To Save Any Remaining Candy