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The Apple Hacker
The Apple Hacker

The Apple Hacker

Part Number:82909-94180 Price $326.36
The Apple Hacker makes cutting apples, as easy as pie. Chopping apples by hand is tiring and can be hazardous. Use this cutting machine that is safe and easy to use. This apple cutter is perfect for coring apples and getting them just the right size for dipping. Because it chops and cores the apple at the same time, you increase productivity. Churn out apples for dipping even quicker with the apple cutting equipment. Buy now!

  • 1 Count
  • Core and Section Apples Easily
  • Easy To Position and Press
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Weight: 8 Pounds
The easy way to core and section apples for apple chips and dip - just position and press.

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