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Three-step Wall Display - 96"
Three-step Wall Display - 96'

Three-step Wall Display - 96"

Part Number:82917-963603W Price $1,417.02
  • Neat, Organized and Professional Appearance
  • Exhibit Boxed Items With Style
This eight foot long Three Step Wall Display is a great use of unused wall space and increase sales at the same time. Line up this wall fixture and you have a step display that allows you to stack up products while allowing easy viewing of items behind them. Box up fresh baked cupcakes, cakes and stock them on this step display. Increase sales by also including bags of flour, sugar and other items for customers to bake their own treats. That is just one of many ideas for connected products.

Outside this retail shelving is top notch for gardening needs; bags of fertilizer, mulch and more as well as flowers ready to be planted. Don't worry about any mess since you can easily just hose these down when all merchandise is sold. Grocery stores can take advanatage of these wall display racks and line it with bulk boxed items. Soda, beer, chips, popcorn and so much more. Available in three sizes to allow you to create the ultimate set up. 36 inches, 66 inches and this 96 inch option are all available to you. Order yours today!
  • 1 Count
  • Overall Dimensions: 96"W x 39"D x 36"H
  • Benches Are 16" Deep
  • Bottom Bench Is 12" High
  • Middle Bench Is 24" High
  • Top Bench Is 36" High
  • The Three-step Wall Display is 39" wide
  • Available in three lengths: 36", 66" and 96"
  • Includes Waterbed Irrigation Trays
  • No Tools Required For Assembly - Sets Up In Minutes
  • Made Of Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic
  • Can Be Used Inside Or Outdoors

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